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Timetable database

Warning - you may only use Oracle or the ceres Engine for this database.

ER diagram for the timetable database: Graduated questions
Entity relationship diagram for            timetable database

The timetable database contains the following tables:

id module kind dow tod duration room
co12004.L01 co12004 L Wednesday 11:00 1 cr.SMH
co12004.L02 co12004 L Monday 17:00 1 cr.B13
co12004.T01 co12004 T Monday 11:00 2 co.G78+G82
co12004.T02 co12004 T Tuesday 15:00 2 co.B7
co12004.T03 co12004 T Tuesday 13:00 2 co.G78+G82
... Result truncated.
id name sze parent
co1.BAe BAe 15
co1.CO Computing 1st Year 150
co1.CO.a Computing 1st Year a 20 co1.CO
co1.CO.c Computing 1st Year c 20 co1.CO
co1.CO.d Computing 1st Year d 20 co1.CO
... Result truncated.
student event
co1.BAe co12004.L01
co1.CO co12004.L01
co1.IS co12004.L01
co1.SE.pt co12004.L02
co1.CO.a co12004.T01
... Result truncated.
staff event
co.AMn co12004.L01
co.RK co12004.L01
co.SRM co12004.L01
co.RK co12004.L02
co.SRM co12004.L02
... Result truncated.
id name
co.ACg Cumming, Andrew
co.ACr Crerar, Dr Alison
co.AFA Armitage, Dr Alistair
... Result truncated.
id name
co12001 Rapid Application Development
co12002 Software Development 1A
co12003 Professional Skills
co12004 Applications Workshop
... Result truncated.
id name capacity parent
co.117+118 32
co.117 16 co.117+118
co.118 16 co.117+118
co.B7 40
... result truncated
id wkstart
01 02/10/00
02 09/10/00
03 16/10/00
...Result truncated
event week
co12004.L01 1
co12004.L01 2
co12004.L01 3
co12004.L01 4
co12004.L01 5
... Result truncated.